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Paris – France



The french savoir-faire

Wedding planning

Wedding planner Paris

Specialized in luxury and bespoke weddings, we have made of Paris our playground. We create, imagine and organize your dream wedding in France!

Each project starts with a complete understanding of your desires and needs.

We then create your perfect wedding together :

  • Finding the perfect venue
  • Proposal and selection of vendors
  • Management of vendors’ appointments
  • Budget management
  • Regular appointments with the bride and groom
  • Creating of an ambience and a bespoke marriage identity
  • Advice and follow-up
  • Creation of wedding day schedules for guests, bride and groom and vendors
  • Wedding day coordination

We can’t wait to hear about your project !

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Wedding proposal

Get engaged in Paris

In front of the Eiffel Tower, next to the Seine or in Parisian garden, Paris will offer you the best decor for your marriage proposal!

We plan with you your dream proposal, so that this memory remains engraved forever in your minds.

We manage :

  • The place
  • The decoration: giant letters, balloons, flowers …
  • The music
  • The photograph
  • And the rest of the day: photo shoot in Paris, dinner in head to head, spa, night in a palace …

Contact us to prepare your proposal in Paris

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Wedding design

Event production

Prestigious decoration has no secrets for us. We like to work with you on colors, moods, flowers, to create a scenography that looks like you and that will transport you in your universe.

Here is our way to proceed :

  • Project study with the couple : personality, couple history, tastes …
  • Understanding of couple’s wishes
  • Ambience suggestions
  • Choice of details: stationery, floral art, lights, tableware …
  • Project follow up
  • Installation during the wedding day

Contact us to explain your project !

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Destination wedding

Wedding in France or abroad

In France or abroad, we will accompany you in your wedding planning, wherever your dreams bring us ! 

We create for you your perfect wedding:

  • Thinking about your perfect destination
  • Proposition and selection of vendors
  • Management of the project
  • Setting up appointments
  • Budget management
  • Regular appointments with the bride and groom
  • Creating ambiance and creating a bespoke marriage identity
  • Followed advice
  • Transport and accommodation management
  • Preparation of the wedding day schedules for guests, married couples and service providers
  • Coordination of the wedding day

Tell us about your wonderful wishes !

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When do we need to contact you ?

To maximise your chances of finding your perfect vendors, the ideal time to contact us is 1 year and a half, 2 years before your wedding date. We can also organize weddings in several month or weeks.

What type of wedding do you organize ?

We organize all type of wedding. We love to deal with different cultures, religions or usages.

Do you have imposed vendors ?

We don’t work with exclusive vendors. We are always working with vendors who fit couples’ needs and wishes.

For how many guests are you planning events ?

We don’t create a special type of event. Momento Mio can help with small and private events as well as large ones like baby showers or big parties for particular or companies.

Des événements façonnés à votre image

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